Immigration Services

With extensive experience in assisting clients through the immigration process, we are highly competent in providing sound advice and assistance at every step of the immigration process. From drafting letters to the immigration courts to filling up visa applications to filing an appeal, we ensure to provide professional service that adheres to the high legal standards of the courts.

We understand the different circumstances of every client, and that’s why we endeavor to provide tailored services specifically intended to fit your needs. Our comprehensive services include money management and property services that aim to guide immigrants through the complex immigration process, making the process as easy and efficient as possible.



The whole immigration process has always been complex and costly. Getting the procedure done professionally, correctly, and successfully the first time can save you a lot of time and money.

Wide Detail-Oriented

The immigration department is keen on every detail of your move, that’s why we are even more meticulous when it comes to the tiny details. We ensure every minute thing is in the right place to ensure a successful immigration process.

Decades of Experience

We’ve helped hundreds of clients move successfully to the US or Canada through our professional immigration services. We understand the unique needs of individuals and we anticipate everything you will need once you move.


Get in touch.

Contact us and tell us a little something about yourself and your immigration goals. Our team is ready can provide you with sound advice to help you get your journey to Canada or US started.

Send documents.

Once you’ve decided to use the C Square immigration service, our team will request certain documents and forms that you need to sign to get the application started.

Get ready to fly.

We will take care of the application procedure and we’ll coordinate with the immigration board every step of the way. Once your application is successful, you are ready to fly to Canada or the US!